• EDWCA is the trade Association that is dedicated to recognising service excellence in the water cooler and hydration industry within the home and workplace environment.

    Since 2001, we have been the authoritative source of information for our members at both UK and European level. The Association provides all members with the influence, insight and tools they need to deliver the best water-based solutions to their customers.

    Our members range from bottlers, mains-fed and bag-in-box suppliers and distributors and we represent their collective interests in our mission to recognise and reward the highest standards.

  • From Italy with passion, Lavazza has over 120 years’ experience in the art of blending the perfect cup of coffee, inspired by Luigi Lavazza’s initial journey of discovery in 1895.  Lavazza is more than just a quality coffee, it is also an opportunity for your everyday business. Over 120 years of dedication and passion make us qualified as the coffee experts to the professionals. From bean to blend, we take pride in our coffee at every step. It is this level of care that ensures our products are of the highest quality. The key to Lavazza success lies in constantly growing, innovating

  • “SB Software: helping you to be simply better. We provide software systems for vending operators. It’s what we do day-in day-out, and it’s all we’ll ever do. We’re passionate about producing well-engineered solutions and Vendmanager, our vending management system is simply better than any other.”

  • Siemens Financial Services (SFS), combines a deep knowledge of the vending sector with a drive to continually innovate, in order to maintain its position as a key finance provider to the industry.  The company leverages decades of experience in the marketplace to provide vending operators with competitive financial solutions, to help them to improve cash flow while enabling their customers to acquire quality machines through affordable financing. Increasingly, through its new digitalised processes, Siemens Financial Services is enhancing its service for vendors and their customers.

  • Established since 1989, Tower Leasing has grown from a small brokerage to one of the UK’s leading finance partners, enabling companies across the UK to acquire much needed vending equipment through leasing.

    “We create the opportunity for businesses to manage their cash flow whilst being able to secure the latest assets and technology which enables our customers to stay competitive within the market through tailored and flexible finance packages. Our services also provide the capability to deliver additional funding to support your business growth with our wide range of finance solutions. From new start-ups to the largest plc business, we can provide facilities for all.

    “The vending industry continues to surprise us with its innovate products and we are excited to be involved with such a diverse marketplace enabling us to support businesses to deliver the needs of their consumers.”

  • Present in the UK since 1966 and part of a leading global company, Ferrero UK is recognised for iconic brands such as Ferrero Rocher, tic tac, NUTELLA® and Kinder Surprise: unique brands which are well loved throughout the UK.

    Ferrero UK is a dynamic, progressive company, fusing modern, innovative approaches with its rich confectionery heritage. Its leading position in confectionery markets in mainland Europe underpins its commitment to succeed in the competitive UK market. This has helped us to achieve rapid growth consistently over the last few years.

    “Ferrero is a family owned company, and this is reflected in our belief in strong people values. Our ethos is to work together to reach our challenging goals, but in a supportive environment. We enjoy the heritage of being part of a successful European confectionery group, but are also importantly adapting to local consumer needs. With this in mind, we are continuing to develop the Ferrero story in the UK,” says the company.